Just like most individuals, I have strong opinions. From my perspective my opinions and suggestions are free and plentiful. I believe that my actual value comes through when I provide oversight.

This means that I am always happy to speculate and blog with friends, acquaintances, even strangers I just met. Sometimes the other person takes my suggestions and run away with them.

The following are suggestions made over the past few years. Hopefully, reading them will provide some value for anyone who stumbles across this page.


The Author

The Situation: A passing acquaintance. The Author and I were connected through an acquaintance and a project. During this time he revealed he had a book. It covered stories and interviews of experts in his lane. He wanted to sell more copies but was not sure how to go about doing so.

The Suggestion: Approach it from an educational angle. Starting with libraries would provide limited distribution. The next step approach schools with a strategy on how to integrate them into their English programs or speech classes.

The Execution: I assisted with the first step. He wanted to get his book in a small bookstore he used to live by. So we walked in together and the woman who owned the store got quite heated at us. The second stop was the local library. The book was picked up within weeks of our meeting. Afterward he decided to take the ball and run with it by himself.


The Lyricist

The Situation: I had somehow gotten close with a number of musical artists in town. One was about to release a video and was considering third party services to use to promote the release it. I was asked about PR and other services if I could help and she was considering another one she had used in the past.

The Suggestion: Release it herself and reach out directly to her network. Also, look into other outlets that promote that same type of music and reach out directly.

The Execution: She ended up releasing the video on her own channel. It has now racked up over 75K views on the video on her own channel.


The Gardener

The Situation: A trade was arranged with the Gardner a year ago. An aspiring photographer and myself would use her as a subject for a portfolio piece. While we were talking we did a quick audit of her Instagram account.

The Suggestion: We identified that people really did connect with her and the more posts she had with herself and on story the better her engagement would become.

The Execution: She started to share more posts about herself and continues to do so. I assume due to positive results.